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Live Raspberry Vinegar

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    Item description

    For the production of our live raspberry vinegar, we use the traditional Polish fruit variety "Polana" with the addition of the exceptionally sweet “Polesie". In late summer, because only then do raspberries growing in the mountainous areas of the Dunajec Valley in Southern Poland achieve peak ripeness and taste, they are hand-harvested and pressed, after which they undergo a long, two-stage fermentation, using the traditional Orleans method. After many months of aging the vinegar acquires a clear, rich, red colour and an intense raspberry fragrance.

    Unpasteurized, unfiltered, rich in probiotics.


    Sweet, unmistakably raspberry

    In the kitchen

    Great for chefs who are just starting their culinary adventure with vinegar.  For salads based on butter lettuce (Bibb lettuce), iceberg lettuce, Romaine lettuce, arugula (rocket), lamb’s lettuce or fresh spinach. For vinaigrette try using hazelnut oil.  Perfectly emphasizes the taste of ripe tomatoes. In dishes with chicken, shrimp, salmon or delicate calves’ liver.  With Gorgonzola (Dolce). Pairs well with thyme, rosemary or lavender.

    In the drinks cabinet

    Add to white sparkling wines, vodka, gin, white rum or tequila.  Refreshing non-alcoholic spritzer with sparkling water, simple sugar syrup and fresh rosemary.

    In the medicine cabinet

    Every variety of Octovnia’s living vinegar has a beneficial effect on gut health, boosts immunity and improves well-being.  In addition, the vinegars are enriched with the specific properties of flowers, fruits and herbs from which they are made, well known in folk medicine and often used in modern herbal supplements.

    The medicinal use of raspberry (Rubus idaeus) dates back to Roman times. Red raspberries have a unique profile, including, amongst others, flavonoids, anthocyanins and ellagic acid, which are known prevent the progression of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and obesity.

    Drink 10 ml of vinegar a day in a small glass of water.


    Store tightly corked in a cool, dark place. The vinegar may be kept in the fridge, but this is not required for its safe storage.

    Our living vinegar contains a culture of acetic bacteria which can cause the formation of a "mother of vinegar". This is a natural, safe and healthy process.  If a mother forms in your vinegar, you can simply strain it out before use.


    Available in bottles of 100 ml, 250 ml or 500 ml.

    Sanepid Food Safety Certificate No. 290.2018


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