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Live Vinegar with Bison Grass

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    Item description

    We produce our own cider vinegar from 100% pure apple juice pressed from fruit gathered in the orchards of the Dunajec River Valley in Southern Poland.  We then infuse blades of highly aromatic bison grass (hierochloe odorata), in this pure, live vinegar. The finished vinegar is delicate, with a characteristic scent of fresh hay.

    Ps. Wild grown bison grass has the status of a protected plant in Poland.  For the production of our vinegar, we therefore only use bison grass grown in our own herb garden.

    Unpasteurized, unfiltered, rich in probiotics



    In the kitchen

    Makes an excellent, simple dressing for a fresh cucumber salad. For white fish or seafood. For salads with apples or fennel, for delicate salad greens such as butter or iceberg salad.  For marinading lamb.

    Its flavour pairs well with apple, fennel, cinnamon, aniseed.

    In the drinks cabinet

    For cocktails based on apple juice, especially if you prefer your drinks more tart than sweet.  For an alcohol-free version of the classic Polish "Apple Pie" cocktail made with apple juice, ice and slices of fresh apple.  In winter use it for apple juice based hot toddies, with the addition of honey and a stick of cinnamon.

    In the medicine cabinet

    Due to the relatively high content of coumarin in the bison grass (hierochloe odorata), consuming it is not currently recommended for medicinal purposes, especially by persons taking blood thinning medication or expectant mothers.


    Store tightly corked in a cool, dark place. The vinegar may be kept in the fridge, but this is not required for its safe storage.

    Our living vinegar contains a culture of acetic bacteria which can cause the formation of a "mother of vinegar". This is a natural, safe and healthy process.  If a mother forms in your vinegar, you can simply strain it out before use.


    Available in bottles of 100 ml, 250 ml or 500 ml.

    Sanepid Food Safety Certificate No. 290.2018





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